February 21, 2013


We had a visit from Botetourt Animal Control last weekend, bringing us a new dog. His name is Bruno, and he will benefit from the Biscuit Fund.  

Usually when animals fall under the Biscuit Fund, they are in pretty bad shape - we're all used to the photographic documentation of emaciated, hurt, or sickly animals. Bruno, however, is different. While he needs to be checked by the Vet, given some worming medicine and gain a little weight, overall he is OK. However, given a little more time, that may not have been the case.

When Officer Stewart went to check on him this morning, he realized that Bruno was not a good fit for the human folks caring for him. They talked it out, and it was decided that Bruno would come to Angels of Assisi to find a family better suited to his needs.

The job of an Animal Control Officer sometimes get a bad rap, but through the good work of Botetourt Animal Control, and the backing of the Botetourt Commonwealth Attorney’s office, we have gotten to know them as liaisons between pets, their people, and the law. They strive to find the balance between education where needed, and enforcing the law when it has been broken. That takes a commitment to both the welfare of animals and humans, and we respect them very much for taking the time to do so.

For animals like Bruno, it means prevention, rather than neglect and suffering, and we are all for that. Thank you to Officer Stewart and all those working to make this a better community for our animals!


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