January 22, 2013

With A Cluck Cluck Here

A house fire brought us 10 new members to the Angels of Assisi/Harmony Farm Sanctuary Family this afternoon. The hens arrived smelling of smoke, a little scared, and in surprisingly good shape, with only 2 needing medication and burn ointment.

Thank you to Dr. Phillips, Jess, and Frances for treating them this afternoon; we appreciate the entire staff for adjusting to whatever crises the day may bring. At this point, nothing really surprises them anymore!

The last little hen shown was the worst as far as singed feathers, but gurrrl could she strike a pose that would revival some on America's Next Top Model. Smiling with the eyes, elongating the neck, and a connection with the camera. We shall name her Tyra.

Our hearts go out to the family who is in transition for the next few months as their house is rebuilt. Thankfully, all humans and pets came out safe and sound. Hug your loved ones tight and be good to each other, because we never, never know what the future may bring.

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