January 8, 2013


It's no secret that the Angels of Assisi building on the corner of Campbell Avenue and 5th Street is an older one, and one that we have outgrown. Our downtown site was originally picked so that people would have easy access to low cost spay and neuter services, and to this day we still have folks who arrive via public transportation. Keeping up with the physical building, along with stress of human, feline, canine, and leporine traffic that enters either to visit or temporarily call home is no easy task.

Enter William. He's our painter, tiler, plumber, keep everything up to standards guy, and then some. He keeps the oxygen tanks running, and the surgical tubes and tables in good working order. He's the "hey, we randomly decided we want a ga-jillion paper towel holders hung all throughout the adoption center" guy.

He's the guy we went to when we decided we needed a living room in the middle of our wellness clinic.

Such a room in such a place seemed a little out of the ordinary, but, by now, William is used to these requests. While he rightfully thinks we are a little crazy at times, he also realizes that we are making the very best with what space we have, and he makes it happen.

This particular room had a window and the potential to be the perfect "meet and greet" room; a quiet place for potential adopters to get the know the animals in a home-like environment. We armed him with nothing more than the usual: a little vision and some petty cash. He got to work and we could not be happier with the results- a wonderful place for new families to connect.

A sweet little puppy named January was one of the first to meet her new family in the new room, and we quickly learned that she was a big fan of the couch. 

Since William has joined our Assisi family, he has tremendously reinforced our physical structure, and in so doing, made it a better place for both the people and animals who call it home, and a safe place to house our hearts.

The real things haven't changed.
It is still best to make the most of what we have;
to be honest and truthful; 
to be happy with simple pleasures;
and have courage when things go wrong

- Laura Ingalls Wilder

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