December 6, 2012

New Guy

A recent plea for help from our friends at Appomattox Animal Control:

Our happy ending for Gampie has not turned out the way we had hoped. Gampie had a rescue commitment so he was taken to a local vet hospital to be neutered and fully vetted before making the trip. Very sadly, while at the vet’s office, blood test results showed that he is in the beginning stages of renal failure. That means that the rescue can no longer take him into their care. Gampie is still wagging his tail, happy, eating, drinking and has no idea he is sick. We don’t know how long Gampie has to live, but we would love to see him live out that time in a loving home, whether he has months or several years. Before any final decisions are made, we want to see if there are any other options for Gampie to live out the days he has left with a family, whether it is with a foster family or an adoptive family. It is obvious he has not been cared for during his lifetime and, of course, we would love him to know the best of humanity before he passes to the Bridge. If you can open your home to Gampie, please email us at and we will be happy to discuss what the vet's office has told us about his future.

Stories like this always kick our volunteers into rescue mode, and Gampie was no different. He's on his way to Angels of Assisi this afternoon, will spend the weekend with us, and then head to the most awesome foster home for senior dogs. Little does he know that he has home cooked meals, beds, sweaters, and unconditional love waiting for him. Can't wait for you get started on your new journey, little guy. It may or may not be short, but guaranteed to be sweet.

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