December 20, 2012

Homeless Times Two

The homeless shelter for people is not too far from Angels of Assisi, and occasionally we have folks who have to check in there arrive on our doorstep with their beloved pets, tearful, and desperate for a way to keep them.

Over the last year, we have housed a handful of these animals, providing free room, board, and medical care while their owners try and get back on their feet. Sometimes it works out and these families are reunited, and sometimes it does not. It did not work out for Haley. She arrived early last fall, and her human came in to take care of her as much as he could, understanding that the Assisi staff would pick up when he was absent. The absent times became more and more frequent, and he finally realized that it was time to let her go, and in so doing unselfishly gave her the opportunity to find a new home for her senior years.

Haley is a wonderful girl, and has always been on her best behavior with us, kind of like she knew she was a guest. She's now available for adoption, and we'd love nothing more than to take the "I need somewhere to belong" feeling away, and find her a new home. We wish the same for her former owner, and while his fate is out of our hands, we wish him well, and peace of mind knowing his faithful companion is safe and sound.

Life takes us to unexpected places... love brings us home.
- Unknown Author

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