November 29, 2012


This handsome guy was bought off of Craigslist, and then ended up with Parvo a few weeks later. His new owners could not afford treatment, and thanks to some major efforts on the part of our Director of Adoptions, Chaz, he was finally signed over to us last night at Emergency Vet Services. From there he was transferred for treatment at Dr. Carter's office in Troutville.

From all accounts, he will survive his Parvo episode, but right now he is confused from being bounced around from house to house, then from clinic to clinic. We were worried about him while we waited for his arrival, and now want to help ease his fears and offer him security and a home of his own. Scooby is a very sweet boy, and needs a foster home. Please contact us if you want to help put some light back in those troubled eyes.  

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