November 7, 2012

New Guy

Mack was hit by a car last week. His family could not afford the necessary medical treatment, and signed him over to the Friends of Campbell County Animal Control. Through the magic of internet networking, the good folks of Campbell County shared his story and need for help:

We (
Friends of Campbell County Animal Control) do not have the resources--foster care or funding--to help Mack and are reaching out to our friends to share and help. Mack is about 65 pounds, has not been vetted by his family, and is the sweetest boy in the world! His owner was quick to point out that Mack's father was a drug dog and that his mother is a border collie, so if you are looking for purebred, Mack is not.

Mack IS loving, gentle with kids, and has not lost his ability to appreciate kindness in the midst of his agonizing pain. Initial assessment by the vet indicates dislocated hip on the left side, and a break just above the knee in the right rear leg, plus a spinal fracture near the base of the spine. The spinal fracture is not the biggest issue, as Mack urinates just fine. Mack gets up to walk and uses his dislocated leg, but falls after three or four steps. He does not use his right leg at all. Folks, we are desperate to find him help! The family did not want Mack euthanized, but if we cannot find help for him, we have few options. I would not want to see him lose his life over funding, but cannot bear to think of the pain he must be in, despite heavy doses of pain meds he is being given to control it. Please SHARE.

Mack was transferred to Angels of Assisi, treated at Dr. Carter's office, and will heading to Dr. Krauss for a full evaluation and possibly surgery. Staff tells us that he he is the sweetest boy in the world, despite going through a very hard time right now. Thank you to all who worked together and rescued him! He's got a long way to go, but caring people from two communities, and beyond,
pulling for him.

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