November 8, 2012

Lessons In Love

"But we want our kids to witness the miracle of birth."

The above statement is a common one as we try to educate people on the importance of spay and neuter. And you know what? To some extent, we get it. The average Joe Smith family may not know that there are thousands of homeless animals being killed in their city and across the nation.

Take that equation out, and is it really so wrong to want your kids to see a litter of puppies or kittens entering the world, to marvel at their cuteness, watch how the mama cares for them, and learn some compassion for the animals that need us?

Typically rescue groups get really pissed off when they hear the "kids need to witness the miracle" comeback. We understand that as well- these are the folks who work day and night to save animals from the pound, and it is very strenuous work, financially, physically, and emotionally.

So... how about a compromise? At any given time, there are pregnant dogs and cats at the pound; they need rescuing, they need someone to monitor them as their babies enter the world, and they need some compassion. Watching the babies grow and play is an added bonus, on top of a hefty dose of responsibility.

Liam and Brendan are two great kids witnessing this exact miracle right now. Their family helped rescue a very pregnant dog, who was out of options, from the Roanoke pound. They named her Buttercup, showered her with love and new toys, and prepared for the new additions to arrive. 

And last night, they started doing just that. Seven to be exact. Thanks to even the small amount of prep time her foster family had, she did great. Liam and Brendan got to witness the miracle, and we heard they were a big help.

For today, everyone is catching up on sleep and enjoying the new babies. They will need that rest to prepare for the weeks to come, as raising a litter of seven is no easy task! We know that Liam and Brendan will enjoy playing with them, and that children and puppies learn much from play time.

They will get to watch the puppies grow up, and then participate in the process as families pick out puppies to adopt. Eventually they will have to say goodbye as Buttercup and her puppies move to on to new, permanent homes.

A tremendous thank you to the family that not only saved Buttercup and her seven babies, but ensured that their their boys were part of the process. In doing so, we got to witness compassion at it's best, and passed on to the kids who will take our places in this crazy world.

Enjoy your babies, Liam and Brendan, while we enjoy watching all of you, kids and dogs, grow and learn.


Thank you to Inglath, who always has a heart of gold for the unborn babies, to the England family,  who can almost write the book on kids and foster puppies, and to the French family for saving Buttercup and her babies. You all are huge part of the best part of Angels of Assisi, and we appreciate you beyond words.

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