November 29, 2012


We never know what the day will bring to the Angels of Assisi clinic, but this one proved to be extra special. First thing this morning we got a call from our friend Libby at the Regional Center for Animal Control and Protection, looking for help with one their dogs.

Otis had some major(!) issues with his back end, and Dr. Spangler performed the corrective surgery. While he was under anesthesia, he was neutered and then updated on shots. After a few days of rest, he will be ready for adoption. As the transition within the RCACP begins, we hope more and more of the homeless animals housed there will have the option for medical treatment instead of losing their lives.

Later in the day, we received a call from the Vinton Vet - a small dog was in labor, but was having very serious complications. She would die without a c-section, along with her babies. The owners had very recently rescued her, and could not afford the cost of the surgery needed to save their lives. Was there anything we could do? 

Dr.  Phillips knew the answer before the front desk staff even finished explaining the situation to her - "send them over!" 

All of our medical staff jumped in saving little Lulu's life and delivering her three puppies. Sometimes, storks wear surgical gowns. We're happy to say that mama and babies (two girls, one boy) are doing well and sleeping peacefully now. Lulu was spayed during the surgery so she never gets in this predicament again. All four returned home with their rescue family, equipped with extra puppy formula and bottles just in case they need them.

We are so appreciative for the medical staff at Angels of Assisi for going above and beyond today, and proud that they have the expertise and dedication to handle all the extra situations that come our way. On top of their scheduled day, they made the time to perform complicated surgeries and save 5 additional lives. We knew nothing about these extras this morning, and now they are embedded in our history and brought us closer as a team. 

To all who donate to Angels of Assisi, whether it be money, supplies, time, and often words of support, the five animals who are living and breathing tonight are because of you, and we are honored to be a part of this caring community. Thank you!   

Where there is love there is life.
~  Mahatma Gandhi

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  1. Thank you for the incredible work you do for so many. I can't say how much I admire your "of course we can help" resolution. It is what makes you who you are.