October 1, 2012

Adoption Guarantee

Angels of Assisi is the only adoption center in Roanoke that offers an "adoption guarantee", meaning that no healthy or treatable pets will be killed once in our care. This also means that if you cannot keep your adopted pet, for any reason, that pet is guaranteed a place in our adoption center until a new home can be found.

Clyde is one the 114 pets that benefited from the guarantee in September- he is headed to his new home and his new kids and his new toys and his new happily ever after today. Good luck buddy, it was a pleasure having your back while you needed it, And if you ever need it again, we'll be here.

Some of our greatest historical and artistic treasures we place with curators in museums; others we take for walks.
~ Roger Caras



  1. This is a totally misleading post. I am a volunteer at the RVSPCA and helped facilitate the adoption when Clyde was adopted from the RVSPCA. When it became known that Clyde had been turned in to Angels of Assisi, the RVSPCA tried to get him back. Lori talked to the former owner who said she had been having "issues" with Clyde and someone she knows from Franklin County Humane told her not to return him to the RVSPCA because he would be killed. That would be an outright lie. Lisa O'Neill said she would leave it up to the previous owner but to my knowledge she didn't bother to ask the previous owner and refused to give him back to the RVSPCA. Interesting how now it becomes just one more thing for Angels to use against an organization that is working to save as many lives as possible - just as Angels is. Many dogs and cats, when an adoption doesn't work out, are accepted back at the shelter. The adoption contract states that the owner notify the shelter if it doesn't work out but then they are given erroneous information by a fellow humane organization, in this case it didn't happen.

    And by the way, I have heard that many Angels dogs, found as strays or owner relinquish at the pound, have NOT been reclaimed by Angels. Where's your adoption guarantee for those animals?

  2. Clyde was turned into Angels of Assisi by owners who could not care for him. We never put on any post that he was originally adopted from the SPCA.

    Not all dogs and cats adopted from the SPCA are given the chance to go back to the SPCA. An example is Leo, the cat who was beaten at the RCACP. He was transferred to the SPCA, adopted, and came back to the pound. A RCACP employee intervened at the last minute when he was scheduled to be euthanized instead of going back to the SPCA.

    The adoption guarantee is for all Angels of Assisi animals, no matter what length of time has passed. There was a case a few weeks ago of an Angels of Assisi dog at the pound. We did not know the dog was there, since he was not scanned for a microchip upon arrival at RCACP. As soon as we realized he was there, we got him.

    This post had nothing to do with the SPCA, it has to do with explanation of the mission at Angels of Assisi. We apologize if it offended anyone.

  3. Amen Anonymous! I could not have said it any better. Complete truth!!

    Clyde had been with the RVSPCA since he was a month old with his Mom and siblings. He had been adopted a few months ago and was returned with no problem. Once they found out he was at Angels, they tried desperately to get him back. Of course Angels took him in, a young Pit Mix (plenty of which are at the RCACP), he was a RVSPCA dog.

    The RVSPCA takes animals back on an almost weekly basis. Since a change in staff months ago, I have yet to see a prior SPCA animal denied.

    Don't hate. It is only hurting the animals. We have to work together. More lives will be saved as a result.

  4. It's Angels' policy to only transfer animals to rescues that make a lifetime commitment to all of their pets; because the SPCA does not make that guarantee to all of their pets, we would not transfer an animal to them. Our lifetime commitment is extended to all of our animals, whether they were adopted from us yesterday or ten years ago. You can verify this with pound staff - we have picked up every one of our animals who wound up at the pound that we were notified of. Nowhere in this post did it mention that Clyde was originally adopted from the SPCA; no one reading the post would have known about that were it not for your comment.

  5. Angels of Assisi took Clyde because we were asked for help by a family member who is very active in the rescue community. The SPCA did call about Clyde once. At that time we asked about lifetime commitments, and were told that this is beginning to happen at the SPCA. It is our understanding that this is not policy yet. We did tell the SPCA rep that there was a former SPCA dog at the Salem pound.

    Clyde is safe and has been adopted. Since he did not go back to the SPCA, that hopefully opened a spot for a pound dog. The RCACP, which is run by the SPCA, is currently killing an average of 7 animals a day. When we out out those facts, it is not hating, it is simply putting out the facts. If people do not know, they do cannot help.