September 18, 2012

What It Is

It has been a while since the last real post in this blog. Although there is no real need for explanations, because, after all, we are not all that, they would include a hectic schedule, time sliding by, etc and so on.

This little on-line story telling place is written from the heart, and truth be told, mine has been tired lately. Tired of people being mad. Tired of people being mad at me. Tired of our local pound situation that seemed to be improving not so long ago, and is now sliding backwards again, with kill rates back up to 40%.

Tired of seeing photos of these animals at the pound, knowing that unless volunteers and a very select number of pound employees intervene, they will be killed without even getting a chance.

Here is the thing though, the bottom line, what it is. In our chosen profession and/or place we dedicate ourselves to, the rescue world, there will always be some discord, some anger, and animals in need.

Those things are not going away. It is how we choose to deal with them that matters. In fact, it is probably more that we choose to expect to deal with them, and that we will do our best and remain friends at the end of the day. And for those closest to us, to know that while the ties that bind may have initiated and revolve around these animals, we need to remember that there is another layer underneath; sometimes human to human bonds need time to connect and replenish, and at times may need some space. None of that makes the love any less.

With all of that said, the cat in the photo above will be transferred to Angels of Assisi as soon as he is off of stray hold. The dog is off of stray hold today, and will be transferred to us this afternoon. He or she will need some medical care, a foster home, a name. We believe this dog will get all of those things, and very soon.

We have had two record breaking months of adoptions in a row, and welcome the extraordinary talents of Chaz and Tina to our adoption center staff. They have brought with them a wonderful combination of OCD order and compassion, and that is nothing short of a win win for all.

We also have a wonderful new group of volunteers helping the on-line applications, and a marvelously quirky group (saying that with love!) called the Biscuit Weavers, making animal themed crafts to benefit the Biscuit Fund.

The first phase of our new website has been a hit all the way around, and Xan outdid herself making it efficient and super cool to navigate through. This lady has been very patient with us, and we have utmost respect for all she does.

All in all, much to be thankful for, and energized by. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, your talents, and your dedication. It is not always easy, but that certainly does not make the love any less. Hope to see everyone for the Biscuit Bash on Saturday!

It's not a case of the glass being half full or half empty; more that we tipped a whole half-pint into an empty pint pot. I had to see how much was there, though, and now I know.
~ Nick Hornby


  1. We are a group of professionals in the valley following your organizations "ramblings" in the media and on various blogs. Despite all of the expressed "love" and good intentions reflected in your above writings, your words,sarcasm and actions reflect a deep seated animosity to those who are also trying their best to help "rescue" animals, specifically the volunteers, staff and Board of Directors of the local pound.
    YOUR pointed, at times abusive use of emotionally inflammatory rhetoric and sarcasm is offensive to many of us and we wonder how someone like yourself(ves) can "preach" such love and concern and simultaneously behave so abusively to those also committed to improving animal welfare.
    It is as if you have elevated regard for the animals(the 4 legged animals) to a higher level than of the 2 legged animals who also struggle for improvement in their own organizations.
    We find your brand of "preaching" a hypocrisy and reflective of values and mores that many in this community could not agree with much less support with our time and money.
    While it may be easier and more comfortable for you to relate to animals and involve yourself so deeply emotionally and mentally in their "rescue", your conduct,perhaps misconduct to your "human creatures/ brothers" is certainly below the standards we operate on and have come to expect of our "community leaders."
    We also respectably suggest that in your public bashing of Ms. Barbara Dalhouse, you have paradoxically elevated her perhpas not quite to the level of a Saint, but nevertheless, a true, dedicated and Professional champion and progressive leader in animal rescue and welfare. An individual that many in this community are able to respect and support.

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  3. Is it a group of other JD professionals? What is the name of your group?