September 18, 2012


There are always animals at our RCACP pound in need of help, and often the people that are looking out for them need some extra support as well. This seems to be just one of those times.

Check out the note below, and let's spread the word to get this girl a home.

Lisa, I couldn't get any good pictures of her. I've been keeping an eye on her since I first saw her during her hold time. She was so frightened. She cowers in her corner in her cage, however the cage is her safe spot and where she feels safe at. I had her out for over an hour today. I had to carry her out of her cage. She will not walk out of her. She walked some in the bay but kept trying to get under tables and hide. I got her outside and she was scared and she wouldn't potty. 

She trembles, and she is very, very loveable. She will lay on your lap and put her head down. I hope you can help with her. 

If ever a dog at this facility deserved a chance, it's her. 

Please contact us if you can help. 

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