August 6, 2012

Bentley Biscuit

When I was in nursing school, we had to do many research projects, and our inaugural one was to find out what a patient's perception of "caring" was. What is it that professionals project that showed they care?

My partner and I went through the various studies, and also formulated a questionnaires for our unsuspecting, yet willing to particulate, hospital patients. What is caring? Good bedside manner? Good communication? Patient education? Answering the hospital call bell quickly? Keeping the family involved? Being a good listener?

While all those things are undoubtedly important, the top attributes of a caring professional included:  an excellent skill set, proficiency, and knowledge.

Thankfully for a little dog named Bentley, he was tended to by a group extraordinarily caring professionals last Friday, and because of them, he is alive today.

Unable to walk. Bentley was carried into our adoption center late Friday afternoon.  Dr. Phillips took one look at him, and immediately sprung into action by starting IV fluids, administering a Vitamin B shot, and checking vital signs. As Vet assistant Jess took his temperature, she started pulling maggots off of the thermometer; he had them internally, in wounds under matted hair, and in his eyes. Bentley's gums were pure white, and a blood draw showed his counts were so low that it was doubtful he would survive.

Animal Control was called, and Asssi staff continued to work on Bentley. Roanoke ACO Gibson arrived shortly, took control of legalities of the situation, and gave the go ahead for Bentley to be transferred immediately to Emergency Vet Services.

The car ride to EVS was scary; one of those driving with one hand on the wheel and the other on Bentley's heart, willing him to hang on.

We arrived at EVS, and the staff was ready, waiting, and amazed that he was still alive. Fortunately, our Angels of Assisi Vet Tech, Courtney, also works at EVS. She helped with Bentley when he first entered our clinic, and we followed her over to EVS.

Courtney was the one who had the skill set and knowledge to insert the catheter into his neck that ultimatley saved Bentley's life. Getting a catheter big enough to allow a blood transfusion is no easy task, especially in an animal as compromised as Bentley.

About one third of the way into his transfusion, Bentley sat up, then stood up, and he has been pretty self sufficient ever since. Officer Gibson was in to see him at EVS, and in again to see him after he was transferred back to Angels of Assisi on Saturday. Bentley has already benefited from some volunteer TLC, and we are hopeful that he has a very bright future.

This awesome little dog is a fighter, no doubt about it. We're thankful to the caring professionals, Dr. Phillips, Jess, Courtney, and ACO Gibson for using your skill sets, proficiency, and knowledge to save his life. Teamwork at it's best!


  1. Dear Angels of Assisi - This story breaks my heart to know that people are so cruel that they would allow the life of such a beautiful animal to deteriorate. I've always been grateful to Angels of Assisi for their continued support and dedication to the Roanoke area animals who need the TLC you speak about. Can we please get an update on Bentley's health and adoption status. I have two canine-children - Ginger (cocker spaniel) and Matthew (turkish kangal) who would love to have Bentley come live his life with us, surrounded by love, care and appreciation. He would have an awesome life filled with indoor living, large yard with pool and lots of travel adventures - and a big ole king sized bed to snuggle up in at night. Thanks.

  2. Bless his beautiful a second chance!

  3. As I read the first paragraph, I thought "how wonderful if the front desk at AOA printed that and read it every morning before dealing with clients". What a long way PR goes.

    Then I saw Bentley. Tears rolled. TY for the true CARING and PROFESSIONAL people that took care of him. Without those, he wouldn't be here. He felt the love for sure! He felt the need to live. Go Bentley!!

  4. My daughter, Megan Greer, told me the story of this little guy and I could not believe there was someone cruel enough to toss aside a beautiful pup like this, ignore his suffering and leave him to die. Bentley is now where God intended for him to be - with people who will provide him the love and care he deserves. Thank you for being there for him - and all the other animals you help each day. You are truly blessed with a loving soul and each kindness you show will be repaid 100 times over someday.
    Joyce Greer