July 17, 2012

With An Oink Oink Here

A little pig turned up at the Roanoke Pound, and we were asked for help. Sure, no problem, she can go to Harmony Farm Sanctuary and live out her years with the other pigs. We arrived to pick her up, and discovered she was little, with a wagging tail and sweet eyelashes. She made you stop and have an "aww" moment.

It's been a busy week summer year for everyone at Angels of Assisi, and instead of heading up 81 North to the farm, we turned left and made our way to Campbell Avenue, thinking a little 'aww" moment may be good for the soul all around.

Mission accomplished.  Poppleton was a huge hit, and probably lowered everyone's blood pressure about 20 points (except for that one minor yet horrendous squealing incident during her bath, sorry Dr. Phillips!). She slept in a cushy dog bed, loved getting treats, pushed her nose at us for attention, and flopped over for belly rubs.

The cutest pig in the world had fun in our visitation room, and met many new friends. One special friend will be taking her home today, and she will get her happily ever after. We sure will miss her standing at the screen door, wagging her tail at us.

Thank you, Poppleton, for putting a smile on our faces and stretching our heartstrings, your timing was perfect. Have yourself a wonderful life.

As always, thank you to Vicki Holt for the great photos and dedication to the animals!

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  1. Hi Lisa..This is Charlotte..I have the "Juliana Pig" Murdoch...He is as sweet looking as the black pig here..I need to find out how I am to get him to Harmony Farm..He is adorable...Hope I hear from you ..Great what you all do for these animals!