July 6, 2012

Ends Of The Spectrum

For the most part, normalcy has been restored after one very long, and very strange week. To those still without power (Amanda!) we feel your pain, hang in there. To those who have resorted to tending to personal hygiene at Starbucks, you shall remain nameless. Just know that this too shall pass.

We were very thankful for the joint effort between the Roanoke Civic Center, CART (Community Animal Response Team), and Roanoke Animal Control for setting up a safe haven for pets. They had everything well prepared and under control, and it was so awesome knowing that a plan was in place, and executed so well.

We also gained an even bigger respect for our foster homes. Many of the Assisi foster dogs and cats returned for a few days while their temporary homes were out of power. They arrived with special toys, special food, beautiful collars and leashes, and with an aura of protection around them. For a few days we had 2 mama dogs with a total of 21 puppies between them. That is a lot of poop. Sorry, but it needs to be acknowledged. We have no idea how Janet and Lisa cope with it all, but they do it as a labor of love, and we are forever grateful.

Hopefully our little summer fun glitch is over, and we can move on. This weekend starts another step in our shelter enrichment efforts, including mental health initiatives for the adoption center dogs.

Many of these measures are pretty groundbreaking in a shelter environment, and we are extraordinarily lucky to have a team of staff and volunteers forging ahead and changing the status quo. Within a week, we've gone from survival mode and worrying about the basics of water and shelter, to to taking important steps in changing the future for homeless pets in our community and beyond. That's what we call dedication, and we love you all for it. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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