June 9, 2012

Super Cool Kids

We had a good time at the Kids and Kittens gathering last night! Kittens got some play time, and we loved meeting Ty, the special needs kitty who had to have his eyes removed.

We also had a surprise guest, Botetourt Animal Control Officer Horton, who brought a dog needing care to Angels of Assisi after hours. The kids were able to help prepare a kennel for the dog to stay, help give him a much needed drink of water, and watch the intake process.

We discussed how sometime people are bad, and don't take care of their animals, but sometimes people get into bad situations, and are not able to take of their animals. Officer Horton showed them the new dog, and explained that he will be a court case dog. It will be up to the Judge to decide what happens. Either way, it is important for Animal Control and rescue groups like Angels of Assisi to be there to help the animals.

Officer Horton described the duties of an animal control officer, and then, the highlight of the night, we all got to check out his vehicle.

Thanks to all who attended, and an extra thank you to Officer Horton for a taking some time out for an impromptu Humane Education session!

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