June 3, 2012

Regional Pound Biscuits

Yesterday afternoon, we received 2 phone calls from RCACP staff. First, a little Pom was turned in by her owner, and the dog needed medical care, now. If no transfer to Angels of Assisi could be provided, she would be euthanized by 4 pm.

As we were making arrangements for her, a  second dog arrived. She had a deep cut on her lip, and needed stitches. Again, if a transfer was not possible, she would be euthanized at 4 pm. Volunteers rallied, and ownership of the dogs was transferred to Angels of Assisi. A great big thank you to Vicki Roller for transporting them Emergency Vet Services on a moments notice!

This morning, they are both back at Angels of Assisi and doing well. Their medical care will fall under the Biscuit Fund, and they are ready for a foster or adoptive home to heal. Thank you to RCACP staff and volunteers for reaching out and saving their lives, you all are a very special group of people, and we appreciate you!

While we do our good works let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary.
~Chinua Achebe

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