June 28, 2012

The Kitten In The Lobby Atrocity

We've got a lot of kittens. And even more cats. One thing we have realized over the years is that that, given the chance, people in the community will step up and foster, volunteer, and adopt. Some of these folks were never in the market for a new pet, but those big brown eyes can very easily break down the barriers and lay the groundwork for everlasting friendships.

So, in order to give our felines a little more exposure, we off offhandedly tossed out the idea out of putting up a kitten cage our very busy clinic lobby. To soften blow, we followed the idea up with touting it as a trial period.

Reactions varied:

"You can't do that. The dogs coming through the clinic will scare them"
We asked the Vet, and she said that if they were well socialized, the kittens would be fine.

"They are going to kick litter all over the lobby"
We can put a small litter pan inside of a bigger, empty one to catch the litter. 

"People coming in may be allergic to cats"
Well, we are a Vet clinic and adoption center.

"No one will know they are up for adoption"
We can put a sign on the cage.

"People may ask for a two for one price, since they are together and get along so well"
Great idea- we could call it a BFF special. If I was ever needing a new home, I'd sure as heck want my BFF coming with me.

"We have never had kittens in the lobby before"

Let's think of it as utilizing our retail space to it's fullest potential.

"It is really going to stress them out" 
Let's give it a shot. Worse case scenario is that we move them back out of the lobby.

And so, we gave it a shot. The kittens are having a blast, and find the dogs very entertaining. The folks coming through the lobby love seeing them, and the staff get a kick out of their crazy antics. We have a feeling they will be adopted very soon, and that is what it is all about.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 17, 2012

    It worked! My husband and I stopped by on June 29th to pick up some frontline for our other 7 cats. We saw the babies in the lobby and fell in love immediately. They are now a part of our family! Maggie and Jasmine. The friendliest kittens we have ever adopted. They love all our other cats and come over to meet any visitors who may stop by. Thank you Assisi. One of the best decisions we ever made.