June 8, 2012

Dog Around Town

We've started a super cool new feature! Dog Around Town is a way to showcase the dogs for adoption at Angels of Assisi in a beautiful and eclectic setting, our clinic's hometown, Roanoke.

Words cannot express enough appreciation to the very talented Hany Hosny for his dedication to the animals in our community. See all that beauty in the photos? That's an external portrait of his inner soul. He's got a way with dogs behind the camera, and an even more extraordinary way with them one on one.

Thank you also to one of our most favorite ladies ever, Teresa Powell. Her talents are shining through more and more each day, and we love seeing her in action! Capone was one of the dogs rescued from Dinwiddie County, and was one of 5 that tested positive for heart worms. His treatment will start soon, and he will benefit from the Biscuit Fund. He is an easy, wonderful boy, and so very handsome!

OK- enough with the chit chat.... Enjoy!

The last photo is of Capone and Roanoke City Police Officer Combs. We got an email later that night, and apparently the two made quite a connection- enough of one to last a lifetime. Officer Combs will be officially adopting Capone next Monday.

And that, my friends, is how a community works together. We are proud to call Roanoke home.


  1. Fantastic story. Officer Combs is a lucky guy it looks like.

  2. What an awesome story! Congratulations to Capone and Officer Combs!

  3. Tammy LawlessJune 08, 2012

    What a heart warming story!! Hooray for the sweet, compassionate souls at Angels of Assisi!!!!