May 19, 2012

We're Helping With A Rescue!

50 horses and donkeys were from a Dinwiddie County property late Wednesday night, along with goats, sheep, and 30 dogs.

 The court case to determine custody will be next week. To help the local pound make room for the 30 dogs arriving, Angels of Assisi will be taking some of their existing pound dogs who are ready for adoption. We are thankful to the Animal Control Officers and rescue groups who are scrambling to find their existing dogs a safe haven, and not wanting to put them down to make room.

Meet 2 of the 8-12 who will be arriving tomorrow:

We will be picking them up around 3:30 pm, and should return to Angels of Assisi by 6 pm. Any contributions of food, blankets, and crates will be greatly appreciated.

As soon as the court case pertaining to custody is resolved, we are expecting goats, sheep, and some of the neglected dogs. As always, thank you!  Because of your support, lives are being saved in Roanoke and throughout Virgina.

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