May 13, 2012

Roanoke Pound Biscuit

Following this message last Friday, Noah was transferred to Angels of Assisi.

Noah came to the RCACP (Roanoke Pound) as a stray on 5/4 and quickly became a staff favorite. He is VERY friendly and loves attention. When he was picked up by animal control they noticed some injuries so he was seen at a local vets office. He is still in need of some medical care and the RCACP does not have a vet on staff. If he does not go to a rescue today he will be euthanized.

Dr. Spangler examined him upon arrival, and despite some nasty leg wounds, he was very happy to see us and is quite possibly the nicest cat ever. Noah will fall under the Biscuit Fund for abused and injured animals. It looks like his sutures opened up during his stay at the pound. The open wounds combined with his back leg hair loss makes him all the more endearing, and none of that is stopping him from wanting to jump in our laps.

Pardon the blurry photos, but you can get the idea below.

As always, we appreciate the support for animals like Noah. You are always welcome to come visit and get one of his special head bonks of appreciation- they are the best!

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