May 8, 2012

New Mama

This pretty cat was one of ten who arrived at the Roanoke pound over three weeks ago. Many were in rough shape, to the point of needing eyes removed. We pulled four last week and made arrangements to pick up the remaining six this morning. Apparently, little George, now known as Georgette, could not wait, and had five babies this morning. And now she needs a foster home to rest, relax, and be a good mama. She has had a lifetime of stress that has been heightened in the last three weeks, and it's time she had a little help. Check out her sweet babies behind her.

Please call or text 400-2233 if you can help. Fostering kittens relatively easy, and a whole lotta entertainment!

A special thank you to RCACP staff members, Katie and Libby, for going above and beyond to help the animals at the pound, you are the best!


1 comment:

  1. She is home and resting fine. She is very sweet. Thanks for pulling her!