May 19, 2012

New Girl

Luna Ray was originally adopted from the Roanoke SPCA. She reportedly went to church every Sunday with her family, and was great with the kids and other dogs. The family had a new baby, and she was turned in to the Roanoke Pound. She was scheduled to be killed yesterday, but she got a break. Miss Luna was transferred to Angels of Assisi today, and will remain safe from harm. 

We're not sure of her entire story, but we are sure that she knows how to sit, shake, and walks like a perfect lady on leash. She's already won our hearts, and we are sure will capture yours as well ♥

Thank you to the RCACP staff and volunteers for looking out for Luna, especially Karen for giving her a lift to Angels of Assisi, and to Teresa for the awesome photos. You all make this thing called Rescue a heartwarming experience.

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