May 8, 2012


We love getting updates on adopted Assisi animals, and it does not get any better than this!

Dear Angels of Assisi,

It's official, Eddie loves the boat.  He really loves it when it's moving and he can feel the wind in his face.  He is a fearless little guy who likes to swim, bark at passing ducks, and lay on the boat deck with the sun shining on his face. And every fish that is caught must be inspected by Eddie before we can throw it back :)

We are so happy to have found this little guy.  He has made a wonderful addition to our family and makes us smile every day.  We had shared with you that we had recently lost our Brittany Spaniel to cancer. So we feel like Eddie has come into our lives at a time when we needed a little rescuing too.

Thanks again for all your help. Please enjoy the attached pictures of Eddie's first time on the boat.

Joey, Marcie, & Eddie Dawson

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