April 18, 2012

With A Little Help From Our Friends

It seems to happen every few weeks, the Roanoke Pound "urgent" list. Dogs who are going to be killed. (Unfortunately, the pound is not to the point of cats getting the same courtesy, but we are working on that.)

Thanks to some very hard working volunteers, these 5 lives were transferred to Angels of Assisi in the last 2 days. Others will be transferred to Franklin County Humane Society.

It is a wonderful thing to see folks from the Roanoke Pound, Franklin County Humane Society, and Angels of Assisi working together. Anymore it like we are all blended into one, and you know what? It feels just right.


  1. I think its awesome! Everyone pulls together and its a win/win! I see the volunteers networking their butts off and there are alot of HAPPY TAILS-literally!! Good Job to all!!!

  2. I think its awesome! I see all the volunteers networking their butts off, having fundraisers and helping at the shelters! I say GOOD JOB to all!!! It would be nice if RCACP became NO KILL though. I know there are so many wonderful dogs down there and they dont deserve to die!!!!!!!!!!