April 1, 2012

Floyd County Biscuits

The dogs we received from Floyd County are improving.

Words that come to mind to describe their condition upon arrival are horrified, shocked, and heart broken. We'll let the photos tell the rest.

Yes, that is a dog; look for the eye.

Hanging from an ear.

Shaved from a foot. 

During the shave down process.



Note the left front foot on sweet Freddie. He was so matted his circulation was cut off, and bone was protruding through.


And another.

Shortly after they arrived, staff and volunteers kicked into high gear and worked until after 9 pm providing medical care and making them more comfortable. 

Words that come to mind include humbled, grateful, and overwhelmed by the kindness that you all have shown to these Biscuit Dogs.

As promised, here are some "after" photos.

We still have one in the clinic, little Freddie. Dr. Spangler had to amputate part of his front leg yesterday, but with all those toxins gone he seems to be feeling better. He's got a new bed, and receiving pain meds and antibiotics. We'll finish the hair trim as soon as he is ready. 


Many have asked how these dogs got into such horrible shape. Their owner died last week, and we don't have much additional information. We have to assume mental illness was involved, and hope we can all learn from their plight.

Treatment for these dogs will fall under the Biscuit Fund, and we appreciate donations very much.

Thank you for working so hard to make these little critters feel better. The Assisi staff was already on  overtime last week, and turned it up another notch when the Floyd County Biscuits arrived on Friday. As always, volunteers make this world a better place and we love you. A special thanks to Tony and Crystal of Country Pet Grooming- we can always count on you to show up with sharpened scissors and big hearts.

As we start to see little tail wags and a hint of hope in their eyes, it's all worth it. Ya'll done good.


Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.  
~James Matthew Barrie


  1. I want to adopt one of these pups. When will they be available for new homes?

  2. I read your blog every day, almost, and the "before" pictures just horrified me. I don't know how you do what you do!

  3. I hope people can find it in their heart to not just feel sad for the dogs in the pictures. The owner of these dogs, the deceased, has friends and family that are in mourning. These people are surprised by the condition of the dogs. Had they known, they gladly would have helped their friend AND her pets. Please pray for the loss of a human as you pray to find loving homes for these sweet dogs.

  4. Christee AyersApril 12, 2012

    Wow.. so sad to see these babies first pics!! Thank you for all yall have done for them. I am happy that there where actually dogs under all that mess!! God bless them all prayers for them and you all for the things you have to endure in caring for them! You all are ANGELS!!

  5. First of all the owner of these dogs was not elderly and unless you know the owner you CANNOT assume there was mental illness involved. The deceased lady was a very well known woman, who had many many friends and yes the dogs were a mess, and yes yall did a wonderful job with them, but you need to be careful how you word things. I was friends with this woman for 44 years. She started breeding the dogs and just had to keep one from the litters and I think their grooming just got away with her. They were NOT malnourished and they were loved. Thank you for taking them and getting them cleaned up, but please try to be more sensitive to how things are worded. Thanks so Much!

  6. We were fortunate to adopt on of the Floyd County Biscuits - Barley (he's the first one pictured in the "after" pictures). Barley is a wonderful addition to our family. He loves to cuddle and play with anything that squeaks. I am so happy we rescued Barley because he certainly rescued us!