March 23, 2012


Thank you to Physicians Weight Loss Center for hosting an Angels of Assisi adoption event yesterday! The staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome, and had even organized a donation drive before the event. The weather was perfect, and the dogs loved being outside.

As wonderful as the day was, it was made even better with the support of two special volunteers.

Janet and Karen volunteer for both Angels of Assisi and the Roanoke Pound. We had some former pound dogs at the event, and Janet was very helpful in telling their story and giving insight into their personalities.

Joseph was a pound dog, and spent quite a long time in isolation. He was exposed to parvo and faced euthanasia, but as usual the volunteers persisted. Karen sponsored him and made sure he made it out alive with a transfer to Angels of Assisi.

Joseph is the one in our dog kennel area who is quiet and reserved. When we come by with treats, he slowly gets off of his bed and gives you a look like "Really? For me?". He has been a perfect gentleman and we see why he was a volunteer favorite, and why the RCACP volunteers fought so hard to save him.

Yesterday, Joseph got an adoption application. A young couple came and fell in love with him, and he seemed pretty smitten with them as well. If he is cleared medically, we hope he will go home this weekend.

Thank you, Janet and Karen, for following through with the Roanoke pound animals and honoring your commitment to them. We're honored to call all of the RCACP volunteers partners and friends, and are proud of your hard work.

PS: A double thank you to Janet for helping us unload last night as well!

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