March 20, 2012

Handed Down

This past week, we lost an Assisi family member, George the Old Dog. We first saw him at the Roanoke pound, with his face pressed against the wall and trembling. We transferred him to Angels of Assisi on blind faith that an old dog with health issues would find a home and a family to love him. He did, and a wonderful family claimed George as their own within days of his arrival.

Old George was the proud recipient of new sweaters, cool haircuts, treats, toys, beds, and his own facebook page. We all enjoyed his status updates, especially this one:

"Ruff night at the club Saturday. owowowowo....zzzzzz......."

George even did a fundraiser for his buddies at Angels of Assisi, and helped bring awareness that old dogs really make awesome family members.

We'll miss this senior gentleman very much. As a last tribute, his family brought his remaining supplies to Angels of Assisi over the weekend, including a therapeutic dog bed. It's been handed down to another senior dog, Marley, and she absolutely loves it.

George proved to us that not only is it OK to take a chance on animals that are far less than perfect, it is rewarding. His family loved him with a wonderful blend of humor and dignity. When it was time to let him go, they did, and cherished the time he spent with them.

After George was gone, his family handed down his belongings to other others in need. Along with those belongings, came the reinforcement that although far less than perfect, each creature on this earth does more than take up space. They have beating hearts and personalities that may not shine through at a municipal pound, but can certainly flourish in a home. And the real beauty of it? It's an awesome experience for all. We appreciate our Assisi family for embracing pets of all ages and stages of health. We love the fact that only do you respect-  but more importantly, enjoy-  this bumpy ride called life.

We would also like to thank Trish at RCACP. She has a soft spot for these seniors, and was very helpful with George and other seniors who end up at the pound through no fault of their own.

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  1. beautiful soul, beautiful story