March 13, 2012

Got The Motor Running

Little Tammy was brought to us by Roanoke County Animal Control as a stray needing medical care. She was all bones, infections, and purrs when we got her, and while the infections have cleared, she still needs to gain some weight. Throughout all her blood work, meds, and clinic care, the purring remained. So awesome.

A big thank you to our friend Betty for taking Tammy home. We are not sure if the cancer will let her stay long in this world, but we do know that she will be in a wonderful place and will be well cared for.

To the good officers of Roanoke County Animal Control, thank you allowing us to partner with this special cat. You did a great thing for her, and we appreciate you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, we are really in one and touched with people who are striving to help rescue these poor animals. May your blog flourish more. Have a blessed day!