March 31, 2012

Family Ties

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, 

I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the being who has nothing to eat.
~ Mother Teresa

Meet number the Roanoke Pound, brought in as a stray in early February. She was exposed to parvo early in her stay, and had to be quarantined in an isolation room. Per the existing policies in place, she did not get her photo posted on any internet site, she was not allowed visitors, and she was not allowed outside.

She did, however, have some very special friends in the form of RCACP volunteers. You see, there is this little but powerful thing called a Rescue Family in our community. One part of the family obtained special permission to take her outside for a new photo. Another gave her a name, Lilly, while others shared her story. They turned a blurry, stray hold, numbered photo into a living, breathing, wonderful dog with a new name, and made it cleat that her story would not end in the euthanasia room on Baldwin Avenue.

Yesterday, their voices were heard, and Lilly started a new chapter in her life. A family member picked her up from the pound and brought her to Angels of Assisi. From our clinic she went to a very special foster home. Here she is, already loved, and ready to go.

To all who participated in saving her, we are proud to be a part of the tenacity and love that holds this family together. Wendy, as always, you rock big time. A special thank you to the RCACP staff for doing some amazing things under very difficult circumstances. 

As for you, Miss Lilly, you've got a family bond surrounding you like no other; welcome to your new life sweetheart.

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  1. The third picture of Lilly says it all. It was a challenge for us to get her to look up towards us long enough for a photo...but that big dog smile was out of the question. She'd stare at the cars that were parked behind RCACP as if she were searching for one she recognized. But a smile was out of the question. She was sweet and quite pleasant, but so very unhappy.

    Lilly has a beautiful smile - thank you for helping her find it again!