February 2, 2012

Reflections On Amos

The loss of Amos yesterday was a hard one. The emaciated hound dog with soulful eyes
deserved more.

He deserved to live.
He deserved to feel better. 
He deserved a family.
He deserved to have the person who did that to him be punished.

Heartbreaking as it is, he did not get the first three, and he may not get the fourth either. Amos was bought a week ago by a 16 year old kid. Did he get into the awful shape he was in within that week? No. Botetourt Animal Control is trying very hard, but having difficulty tracing where Amos originally came from, and who is responsible for his poor condition. 

And now, Amos is gone. He will not get the "before and after" photos. He will not get the facebook posting showcasing his adoption. He may not get the court case bringing his former owner to justice.

Amos did not receive any of those things, but he did receive an outpouring of love and support for the few short days he was in our building. He got car rides where he could look out the window. He got a sponge bath. He was walked, and brought back to the safety of the building when it was discovered he was scared of traffic. He had people curl up next to him. He had people sit with him. He was loved.

To help make sense of it all, we need to wrap our minds and hearts around what Amos gave us in return.

He united people from as far away as California and New Jersey who donated to the Biscuit Fund. By the pure volume of the phone, text, and facebook messages pouring in yesterday, he proved to us that the good people in this world outweigh the bad ones. He gave us determination to keep being the voice for those who have none. In his honor, we will speak up for neglected animals in our neighborhoods and in our pounds. Because of him, we trust that the resources to take care of sick and abused animals will be there if needed. He touched our hearts, and solidified the strength of those in the rescue world. Amos made us closer and stronger.

But above all, he reached some kids in our community. You know, the ones who will be responsible for this world after we are gone. Anyone see the rainbow in Roanoke yesterday morning? According to Christy Gorth's little girl, it was the one welcoming Amos over The Bridge.

We'll slowly let him go, cherish his memory, and keep on being a voice for the others behind him.
Our time with Amos was short, but he sure did teach us a lot. Sometimes, Justice is reached in alternate ways, and this may be one of them.



  1. Just beautiful Lisa!

  2. I don't even know how to respond through the tears. So sad that Amos didn't get the things that loved pets get in a life time. So sad that a human didn't get to experience the love that Amos had to give. So thankful that in his last days he experienced the love that ANGELS could give him.
    I hope with all of my heart that the human that did this to him is brought to justice.
    Thank you for letting Amos feel love in his final days.