February 11, 2012

Minute By Minute

To all who have graciously given to the Biscuit Fund, here is another example of your donations at work.

This old gal was found in someone's backyard fish pond, and she was unable to get out. She has spent the last few days at a Vet's office, receiving IV fluids and wound care for a tumor on her leg.

Today, she was transferred to the care of Angels of Assisi. While eating and drinking on her own, she is unable to stand by herself, but we are told she is stronger than she was. She is resting in foster care, and will possibly have surgery on the tumor early next week. 

Animal Control Officer Rhonda Armsworthy did an outstanding job in making sure she was safe, sound, and received proper medical care, and we are very grateful for her efforts.

This dog's story is not over, but still uncertain. Sometimes in life you take it one day at a time; when that is too hard, you take it one minute at a time. In this particular moment, she's ready for a home cooked meal, and enjoying a warm bed and rest. And for now, that's enough.


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  1. Is this my "Marley"? So glad to know that you are still ok. Wish you could be here.