February 16, 2012


Several years ago, Merry was being transported from a high kill shelter in South Carolina to a rescue group in New York. Somewhere a long the way, wires got crossed, and she was never picked up from her overnight stay in between.

So, she made her way to Angels of Assisi. She turned out to be heartworm positive, and had a few other issues; mainly it was difficult to keep up with her high energy level. Eventually the heartworms were completely gone, and we learned that getting her energy under control was crucial to her mental and overall well being. She turned out to be awesome on hikes, and even made her way to McAfee's knob.

Merry was adopted to a wonderful home, and her new dad recently sent us this email:

Well, it’s been just over a year since we adopted Merry and we couldn’t be happier!
Why no one ever adopted her is a daily mystery to us…she has the sweetest and most loving personality of any dog I’ve ever owned and has brought nothing but joy into our home. Thank you, Angels of Assisi, for what you do!

Merry looks absolutely wonderful, and content in her new home. Once again, faith is renewed that there is indeed a someone for everyone.

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  1. The look of contentment....