February 15, 2012

Action Alert For Cats

In 2011, 70% of all cats that entered the Roanoke Pound were killed.

There is some important legislation that help decrease these numbers, and the animals need your voice. Please see the information from Best Friends below; it will only take 2 minutes to be heard loud and clear.

Please urge delegates to vote YES for TNR
Thank you for lending your voice to the cats last month! Thanks to the response of concerned Virginia residents like you, Senate Bill 359 — legislation that would enable local governments and organizations to reduce the community cat population through organized trap/neuter/return (TNR) efforts — successfully passed out of the Senate. Now the bill has moved forward to the House of Delegates, and your help is needed again. 

Could you spare a few minutes to visit Best Friends’ Animal Advocacy Center and urge your delegates to vote YES for TNR?

As you know, trap/neuter/return is an effective, humane way to control community cat populations. TNR also significantly reduces the number of cats entering municipal animal shelters, saving lives as well as taxpayer dollars. And by spaying, neutering and vaccinating community cats, these programs help promote public health, too.
SB 359 allows for the spaying and neutering of homeless cats who are part of a formal TNR program operated by a pound, shelter, humane society or other releasing agency. This legislation also protects people who participate in this invaluable public service by clarifying that they are not owners of community cats simply because they compassionately help homeless pets.

With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can help save lives by supporting this humane alternative for controlling free-roaming cat populations. It only takes a few minutes to send a personalized email to members of the House of Delegates’ Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee, who are currently considering this responsible legislation. 
Please click here to visit Best Friends Animal Advocacy Center to learn more and take action today!

Thank you for speaking up to protect the animals. Each act of kindness brings us one step closer to No More Homeless Pets®.

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