January 31, 2012

Six Little Biscuits

It's been a busy few days at Angels of Assisi, with the arrival of six animals needing some major medical care and documentation for possible court cases. Here they are: 

Amos- brought to us by Botetourt Animal Control. He spent the weekend on IV fluids, and has finally progressed to small meals.

Chelsea: this pretty little kitty was brought in by Botetourt Animal Control, with a back leg broken in 3 places. Although her body weight is good, she seems to be starved for attention. The bum leg is not stopping her from purring and trying to reach out and grab us from her kennel. She will most likely have her leg amputated this week, but we're confident that her spirit will expedite her recovery.

Two more dogs also from Botetourt Animal Control. They were abandoned without food and water. We are feeding them several small meals throughout the day, and making sure they are hydrated.

Stevie came from the same house as the two above, but is in much worse shape. He is on IV fluids while trying to manage small amounts of food at a time. This morning we opened up his kennel to let him out, and he tumbled to the door with a wagging tail and big smile. His weak legs could not not hold him up, and he crumpled to the floor. Looks like he is a fighter, though, and he struggled to get back up. We eventually had to carry him outside, but tomorrow will be better.

Finally, meet Romeo. He was found on the side of the road in Campbell County by a good Samaritan. She nursed him through the night, and made sure he got to Angels of Assisi the next morning. He is possibly the sweetest being on earth.

All of these animals will benefit from the Biscuit Fund, and we appreciate donations towards their medical care. Despite enduring some pretty horrific treatment, they are happy to be with people and humbly soak in all the attention and kind words bestowed on them.

These six souls have certainly seen some of the worst in human beings. But in a few short days they have already seen the best, and it is heartwarming to see the community outpouring of love for them. They are feeling it too, and the healing process has begun. Thank you.

To all who have helped- Dr. Spangler, Dr. Phillips (happy birthday!), Trish, Jenny, Michelle, Alex, Bobbie, Zach, Andrew, Bo, Frances, Vickie, Chaz, Melissa, Jill, OJ, Amanda, John, Kevin, David, Charlie, and many more, you are the best! 

We also appreciate the care and concern Botetourt Animal Control has for those in their community so very much.

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  1. What sweet angels. Thank you for taking such great care of them. You are my heroes!