January 17, 2012

Number One Success Story. Hands Down. Ever.

Annie, Annie, Annie...where to start?

We first heard about Annie years ago, from her guardian angel. She was originally rescued with a group of Hurricane Katrina victims, and was being being boarded in the Roanoke area. Months turned into many more months, and Angels of Assisi was eventually asked for help.

Annie had many quirks and issues, but dang it all, she had survived heart worm treatment and a disaster of the worst kind, she needed another chance. We were all a bit worried when she arrived at the adoption center, but she settled right in and even let Vickie get this awesome photo of her.

As it turns out, we had a big adoption event at the Roanoke Home and Garden Show, and on a whim took Annie. As she quietly sat in her crate in the back of our booth, she caught the eye of a handsome young guy named Joe. Somehow, someway, he saw past everything and thought she was absolutely wonderful. We explained her issues, and that she would do best with a fenced yard. He stated that while he did not have one, he and his family owned a construction company and could "knock one out over the weekend". Umm, okay...Deal!

A trip to PetSmart for her supplies was completed, and the next day he picked her up.

That was 3 years ago, and every year we look for Joe and Annie at the Home Show. Joe still think she is the most beautiful dog ever. He got married, and his household now includes a cat, and they all get along great. Apparently the cat is an expert at knocking food off the counter for Annie to gobble up, and they are a terrific team of entertainment.

We will be forever grateful to Joe for loving Annie. They give us hope and trust that there can indeed be a place for all, not only in our hearts, but in newly fenced in homes as well.

Home is not where you live but where they understand you.  
~Christian Morgenstern

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