January 12, 2012


Meet the new guy. He is scared and having a hard time figuring out how he landed at the Roanoke pound last month. One of his main issues is trusting people, but little does he know that a network of them worked hard to ensure a better future for him.

Thank you to the RCACP staff for opening the doors early today, so we could pick him for the transfer to Angels of Assisi. Too scared to go in a crate, he rode in the front seat with his head pressed into my shoulder, and his paw implanted into my right hand. His trembling subsided during the ride, and he was content to look out at the big world bathed in sunshine, the world that is now his as well.

Lonesome will go to his new foster home tomorrow, and it seems like a name change is in order. After all, this is the dog lucky enough to have the caring RCACP staff and volunteers look out for him, along with numerous offers of Angels of Assisi foster homes. He hasn't quite processed all that love yet, but in time, he will.

Better to light a candle for one lost animal
than to curse the darkness of man's indifference.


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