January 6, 2012


Max joined our family back in June. We adopted him on June 13th. Its hard to believe we've only had him for 6 months. It feels like he has a been a part of our family for much longer!

Max weighed 10 pounds when we got him and he was extremely skiddish and shy but quickly bonded with me. Now he is my little shadow. We think there must have been some "man" issues in his past that we don't know about because Max still doesn't openly and freely give my husband a tail wag or kisses, although he is better with him now than 6 months ago. My husband is determined to keep trying and eventually win Max over.

Max now weighs 12.8 pounds and is full of energy, although he would be happy to just sit in my chair right up against me all day. He is a great companion and only wants love and affection!


 There is no faith which has never yet been broken, except that of a truly faithful dog.  ~Konrad Lorenz

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