December 2, 2011

The Transformation of Dobbie Biscuit

October 15
Dobbie arrived at the Roanoke Pound (RCACP) as a stray.

November 30
Aa compassionate RCACP staff member asked of he could be transferred to Angels of Assisi.

December 1 
12 pm
Dobbie arrived at Angels of Assisi

And later that day... 

Than you to Leane and her wonderful family for giving Dobbie the best Christmas present ever- a loving home and a chance to heal. The loss of hair on his face made it easy for them to see his soul, and they found it to be a beautiful one. We can't wait for his outer transformation to be complete and match the inner one we all love.


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  1. Amazing! Thank you Leane for seeing the inner beauty in this creature.