December 31, 2011


New Year's Eve morning, 2011, found me at my home away from home, visiting some of my favorite four legged friends. Some may say taking care of a group of animals is a lot of work, but I call it rejuvenating the soul with those who love back unconditionally.

It was a beautiful start to the end of the year, with an oxymoron of bright sunshine and dark clouds, mixed with just enough rain to make everything sparkle. The addition of this double rainbow made all in the world seem right.  

It was symbolic- the old year fading out, a memory of goals accomplished, and some dreams not quite into fruition yet. And a new year coming in, loud and clear. Beautiful. Another chance to make it right, or at least better, led off with an inspiration of  wonder, hope, and promise.

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you all this year. We cherish each friend and your individual contributions to the common goal of making this world a better one for the innocent animals in our care. Together, we'll make this trip around the sun the best ever for them, and in the process, better for ourselves as well.

Happy New Year. With grateful hearts, we wish you all the peace and happiness there is.

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