December 13, 2011

The Person I Admire

Camryn Sullivan is an average kid in Southwest Virginia, with an extraordinary heart. She follows the stories of homeless pets in our area, especially the ones at Angels of Assisi. We tend to have the "less desirable" pets: the old ones, the one-eyed ones, the hairless ones, the sick and neglected ones.

Yet in Camryn's view, these are the Ones that are even more precious and deserving of love. This girl and her sister have made scrapbooks of such animals and followed their journey, and I give her parents a lot of credit for their encouragement and letting her follow her heart (and also for the tremendous amount of printer ink she uses!). They have opened their home to several needy pets, and for that we are very grateful.

I admire Camryn Sullivan because she embraces the flaws in these animals as beyond special. She loves them, and does everything in her youthful optimism and power to not only save them, but give each a sense of belonging. She believes that they are unique and absolutely matter, and because of that, they do.  

The world of rescue is a tough one, filled with heartbreak and loss. I personally know many people in this realm who work tirelessly to ensure a safe future for neglected, abused and just plain homeless pets. It's at times frustrating and always hard. What you need to know is that you are laying a solid foundation for the Camryn's who are watching, learning, and will carry on the mission. Our job is to outline a blueprint for the next generation and trust that they will run with it and make this earth a safe place, filled with companionship and respect for those who have no voice.

Camryn represents the hope that it will happen. She's not going to lose her kind heart, the one that seeks out those that need her most. She will continue to be inspired by those less fortunate, and act to make a change for the better. She gives the phrase "together we can make a difference" a new meaning, a depth, a future. It's not just us in this crazy world trying to do good, but a whole new group of caring citizens getting ready to take it the next level, and I believe they are going to do it. In so many ways, they already have.

The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible, and achieve it, generation after generation. 
Pearl S Buck



  1. Camryn i love
    what you put on here.I think me and you are going
    to grow up.And try to save thees animals lives.I
    hope fifi will find a verey good home maybe from
    you and me.camryn did you see the new guinea pig
    susu on angels of assisi i go on there all the time now.see you tommarow at the so excited. LOVE YOUR BFFL ABBEY.!!!

  2. GO CAMRYN! You seem really sweet!