December 5, 2011


The Beagle Biscuits- a mama and nine puppies- were seized and brought to Angels of Assisi last July. They arrived in a Botetourt Animal Control truck, confused and in need of serious medical care.

While Dr. Spangler checked each pup, Mama Beagle stayed close to the officer's feet, seeming to know she was safe and help had finally arrived. Little did we know how symbolic this photo of her would be.

We named her Patience, because that is exactly what she was. She helped her puppies heal, but her process was slower. Mama loved being with people, and was constantly at your feet, like a shadow, never wanting to be left alone. Try as we might, the clinic was no replacement for a real family... except when Amanda came.

Ever have a person in your life whom you can count on no matter what? That's Amanda. She is our biggest cheerleader, a steadfast foster home, and a friendly force behind the mission. If Amanda says she is going to do something, she'll toss up a batch of persistence, reliability, and kindness, and hit an ace every time. 

Amanda and her wonderful husband made special trips to take Patience for walks, but quickly learned that sitting together on the floor was exactly what the little beagle needed most. Life in those moments was good, and since she could not leave our building, it was family time. For the months between July and December, it had to be enough. 

The big court day finally arrived last Thursday and the proceedings ended fast and in the best possible case scenario; the beagles were turned over to Angels of Assisi. Free at last- free to go outside, free to go to the dog park, free to go home. And how fitting is it that Mama Beagle, Patience, was the first to go.

Here she is on her way home with a wonderful new foster mom. Her definition of "family" will now extend from Amanda's lap to the comforts of a real home. Fortunately, she's got a solid foundation to build on, and we wish her every happiness there is.


It was a scary time, but I had my parachute on and I was prepared…..
~ Steve Fossett (April 22, 1944 - September 3, 2007


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  1. Mama Beagle “Penny “ Patience in the turquoise fleece & Chloe Beagle at play.