December 21, 2011

Christmas Biscuits

These 2 girls will be arriving from the Roanoke pound today, and will benefit from the Biscuit Fund.  They are in rough shape, and also heartworm positive. A foster home and time to heal is what they need. (For additional information, please call or text 540-400-2233)

Behind the scared eyes, protruding ribs and hip bones, notice the tail wag on the first one... heartwarming for sure. 

Little do these homeless souls know that as the Assisi clinic is preparing for their medical needs, a community is rallying together to provide everything else they have been deprived of- food, shelter, toys, beds, and a family of their own.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

A special thank you to Chris, Tina, Inglath, and Danny. You all hold a tremendous place in our hearts. Thank you for utilizing your gifts to make this world a better place.



  1. Thank you for (continuing) being the voice of the voiceless miss Lisa

  2. Thank you Lisa and Assisi for continuing to be the voice of the voiceless!

  3. Angels of Assisi People- could you PLEASE put up more pictures and information on your calico cat, CALLIE, ASAP! Preferably, BEFORE THE NEW YEAR! I would love to learn more information about her and see more pictures of her! Thank you so much!