December 2, 2011

Bouncing Beagle Biscuit Bonanza

On July 6, 2011, Angels of Assisi received 9 baby beagles and their mama from a neglect/cruelty case. Check out their story and initial photos here

After a series of legal proceedings, they had another very important court date yesterday. Much was at stake, and many worried about their future.

We'll let the beagles tell you themselves how it went...

Pssst,,, did you hear?

We're safe.... 

What? Really?

 Yay!! Free at last!!

It's true!! The baby beagles and mama are finally ready for adoption. Please come meet them, take them to the dog park, give them lots of TLC, and consider fostering or adopting. These babies have grown up in the shelter, and are very sweet and smart. 

We will post more of their story in the coming week. For now, we thank Vickie Holt for the photos that made all the difference in court, along with Beverly, Inglath, Amanda, Sarah, Trish, Zach, Tim, Courtney, Alex, Bobbie, Dr. Spangler, and Jill. Together each of you has played an enormous part in saving these innocent lives, and our hearts are forever grateful.

Now come get yourselves a beagle, you won't be sorry!


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  1. Post more pictures of these beautiful hounds. Please!