December 28, 2011


This little fellow was reportedly left on a chain outside, and abused by his former owner. He needs medical care, and will benefit greatly from the Biscuit Fund.

Rumor has it that our very own Jill Nelson can't wait to get her hands on him and work her magic, so he's pretty much guaranteed a happy ending. 

Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren't even there before.  
~Mignon McLaughlin


  1. Last Tuesday night, I was laying in bed around 10:30 just about to fall asleep when I started receiving several texts from a friend. The texts were frantic and filled with worry telling me about this pit puppy that was only a few months old being beaten, starved (or only given cat food when fed), put outside on these recent cold, cold nights, and owned by a man who had already been charged for animal neglect just this summer. I immediately sprang out of bed, called this person for more details and began Facebook messaging Jill and Teresa. Obviously, it was late. The next morning, poor Jill, who was down with strep, still helped me out and put me in contact with Lisa. Lisa's words helped me convince the person to call animal control so this person could give all the details. Hours literally seemed to drag on this day as everyone was eager to hear what was going on. Apparently, before animal control ever went to the house, the owner thought he'd be "smart" and took the dog to the pound himself. However, when he brought the dog in he pretended to be a concerned person who had found this poor, injured animal and he wanted to do the right thing by bringing it in for help. In reality HE was the owner who had hurt this poor baby! Due to this situation, animal control wanted to make sure this was the same dog before going further. After finding this out, another very caring soul, stepped up to the plate and offered to identify the dog with the intent of helping give animal control enough information to charge the owner. That evening at animal control, Teresa stopped in during her volunteer time and snuck him some hotdogs and lovin'. Both people decided they did not want to testify against the owner in court for worry of retaliation and, at this point, it doesn't look like he'll be charged again. I do hope that one day, in some way, this man is brought to justice. Sadly, not every dog is this fortunate. Luckily, this sweet boy WILL get a new start with new beginnings and even a new name! Welcome to Angels, Marvin!

  2. Marvin went to see a vet on Friday because he was making some unusual grunting type sounds. No worries though, just a little mucus in the lungs. The vet said that his leg seemed to be completely dislocated and his other leg was already longer because this one isn't growing. While we were there, a train passed within 100 feet of us and Marvin never acknowledged it. The vet and his assistant made all sorts of noises, but Marvin didn't seem to notice. They think he may be hard of hearing or deaf. I know Angels will start patching this little guy up this week. So happy to see some interest in Marvin. Let's help this sweet baby get the home he deserves!