November 21, 2011

What In The World Happend To Bishop?

This handsome fella was turned into the Roanoke pound a few weeks ago. Here he is on intake.

And here's what happened to him....

Bishop was one of the first lucky dogs to benefit from the new volunteer program. Check out how a very dedicated and talented photography team worked their magic with the shots below. They sent these photos out over the intent, with a little description and some personal observations about him.

Happily, another volunteer saw his photo, fell in love, and offered to foster him. Bishop was transferred to the long term foster program through Angels of Assisi, and is doing great. His foster mom reports he is house trained, gets along with her dogs, and is a total bed hog.

Bishop could have been another statistic, but instead he is benefiting big time from the volunteers in our community. He is alive, he is well, and he is absolutely enriching the human lives that he touches. Good for you, big man. Next step, an adoptive home to call your own.

Thanks to all that took an interest in Bishop, and thank you especially to the RCACP staff for welcoming the volunteers with open arms. This could actually turn out to be a whole lotta fun ♥

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