November 14, 2011

We're Famous!

Here at Angels of Assisi, we've made the news and been in video clips for various reasons- puppy mill rescues, topping spay and neuter records, adding wellness visits, helping animal control with court cases.

We have no idea who broke the story, but just ran across this most newsworthy You Tube video. Take a guess as to what it is showcasing, here are a few hints: the comments include "Nice Find" and 'I have an instinct that"

What's your guess? Super-size puppy? World's oldest feline?  Premature baby ferret?  The staff finally cracked the code on getting every feral cat sterilized once and for all? Click on the read more link to see...

And there you have it! Apparently, our rarely used, downstairs toilet has really caught someone"s eye. Wonder if it is worth any money? Any eBay'ers out there?


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