November 11, 2011

Getting Closer

Roxie was originally adopted from the Roanoke SPCA, and at 10 months old ended up homeless at the Roanoke pound. Her owners were moving, and could not afford the pet deposit on their new place.

Good thing for Tina, a friend to many homeless animals. She spends her nights cross posting the available pets from the pound onto other websites, including the Angels of Assisi page. For Roxie, her efforts were well worth it. A family saw her photo and her story, and put in an application. We just transferred her to Angels of Assisi, and she will be going home at 3:15 this afternoon- can't wait!

Thanks to Tina, Chelsea, Teresa and countless others who work the web in their spare time for these dogs and cats. The Roanoke pound volunteer program will be starting soon, and combined with the awesome RCACP staff, the process of saving lives will be increasingly efficient.

One year ago, who would have guessed that the high kill shelter on Baldwin Avenue would have such a big turn around, and is becoming a place of hope and true shelter?  And no one is more thrilled than the staff and volunteers who made it happen. Keep up the good work everyone- we are so very proud of you.

Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come.  
~Anne Lamott

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