October 19, 2011


Last week, volunteers from Bedford Humane Society, Franklin County Humane Society, and Solstice Sanctuary joined forces to rescue a little sheep, now named Angel.

This was not just any sheep, but one abandoned at the now closed Holy Land USA in Bedford County. Apparently, they moved, and left this little gal behind. She's been on her own for a quite a while, and she's blind.

 Angel's shelter 

And the rescue begins...


In the van :)

 Arriving at Harmony

Safe and sound 

Angel is scheduled for a much needed hair cut, and will live out her remaining years at Harmony Farm Sanctuary surrounded by other animals and people who love her. 

Thank you to everyone who pitched in to save this girl. Sometimes the very best fellowship, praise, and renewal of the soul does not happen within the structures formed to facilitate worship, but instead with arms thrown over shoulders, and hearts linked together for a common good.


  1. So glad that you all saved this sweet girl!

  2. I am so touched by this story. What irony in such a "christian place" such a horror to leave this poor little gal abandoned and neglected. You guys are the best!!