October 13, 2011


Julie, Julie, Julie. Where to start...

Julie caught the heart of Angels of Assisi volunteer Jamie last year. She was at a high kill pound in southern Virginia with only a few days left before being killed. Could Assisi please, please, please! take her? And since Jamie is, well, Jamie- dedicated to the animals in her heart- we said sure. Send her on up.

The little pit bull terrier bounded into the clinic and adoption center, and never really stopped bounding the entire time she spent with us. She is a bundle of energy, and volunteers and staff worked hard to channel that energy in the right direction.

This involved keeping her away from most of the other other dogs in the adoption center, except for a few that she got along with. Jamie and Sarah, some of our most devoted dog walkers, worked with Julie and took her on long hikes- she loved every minute, and the energy continued to pour out of her.

I will always remember Julie as she looked when you went through the kennels to get to her run. She was in the very last one on the right side, and as you walk through, all the dogs will give a shout out and look for a treat. Julie was the only one who sat perfectly still, her head completely cocked to the right side, and you could tell she was sizing you up:  "Whatcha here for? Is it me? Are we going somewhere? Because let me tell you, I Am Ready!!"

A few weeks ago, Tammy of Angels of Assisi made a connection with the Virginia State Police, and learned that pit bulls are becoming more and more useful in the drug detection program. She invited them to come take a look at our dogs, and the meeting went well.

We learned that they look for dogs with high energy (Julie). We learned that they look for dogs with a high drive to play and seek out toys (Julie). We learned that it does not matter if the dogs get along with every other dog (Julie). We learned that they look for dogs that need a job (Julie).

After meeting (Julie), they agreed that she just may fit the bill. And so, the girl that is always ready for anything, left for training. She got a bath, a serious pep talk, and bounded out the same door she bounded into last year. We know she will bound into training and a her new job with full enthusiasm, and with all our hearts wish her well.

Thank you to Jamie, Bobbie, and Sarah for teaching her basic commands- that increased her chances of getting into the program tremendously. Thank you to Tammy for always thinking of ways to improve the lives of the animals in our community. Thank you to all who embraced the little pit bull who had her moments, but believed in her no matter what.

I will always keep Julie's readiness to take on anything and anyone in my heart. Go get 'em girl. We are so proud of you.

Put a grain of boldness into everything you do. 
~Baltasar Gracian


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  1. Love hearing about the help the dogs get ,not all sadly ,in their time of need.Loving beings all ready to enjoy a new lease on life,thanks to all the kind people who take the time to help ,bless you all